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Guest Speaker

As an economist, newspaper and online columnist, and professor, Ray Keating has spoken at events across the nation, as well as testifying before Congress more than 20 times and addressing assorted state and local lawmakers. As a guest speaker, Keating addresses a wide array of topics in an engaging manner (yes, it’s possible for an economist to have a sense of humor), including:   

• the outlook on the economy – where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed; • federal policies important to the economy, entrepreneurship and business, including taxes, regulation, budget issues, monetary policy, energy policies, international trade, intellectual property and property rights in general, and a host of other issues; • the challenges and opportunities involved with entrepreneurship; • state-level economies and policymaking, including key tax, regulatory and competitiveness issues: • the impact of politics – past, present and future – on the economy and business; • the economics of sports, stadiums and arenas; • and more.  

Half and Full-Day Seminars on Understanding the Economy

Beyond having Ray Keating address your organization or group as a guest speaker, he also leads half-day (3 hour) and full-day (6 hour) seminars. The topics covered in these seminars include deeper dives on:   

• understanding how our economy and free enterprise work;   • understanding the role of entrepreneurs, businesses and investors in the economy;   • understanding how U.S. entrepreneurs, businesses and workers fit into the international economy;   • understanding the role of change – invention, innovation, and technological advancement – in the economy and what it means for individuals;   • understanding how and why government impacts free enterprise;   • understanding the current state of the economy.  

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To get more information about Ray Keating speaking at your event or hosting a seminar, call 631-909-1122 or email raykeating@keatingreports.com. Also visit us at Facebook at www.facebook.com/freeenterpriseeconomics